The Team at Network Geographics has been involved in large software systems and network security since before the beginning of the Internet. Put their expertise to work for you.

Alan M. Carroll, PhD

Alan has vast experience designing and building large software systems. He is currently a member of the Apache Software Foundation and a member of the project management committee for Apache Traffic Server (ATS). He enhanced ATS to proxy data transparently. He was also the driving force in IPv6 support.

Alan earned a PhD from the University of Illinois in 1992 while building Epoch, the first windowed version of Emacs, and ConversationBuilder, a collaborative development environment. He worked for a series of startups ending at Global Internet Software Group on a team developing Centri Firewall for Windows NT. Global Internet Software Group was acquired by Cisco Systems in 1997. At Cisco Systems, Alan led infrastructure development efforts in network security and policy management software until 2005.

Susan Hinrichs, PhD

Susan spent the last eight years lecturing on computer security at the University of Illinois in addition to working with Network Geographics. At Network Geographics, Susan has been involved in security analysis projects for a number of customers. She has also designed and developed traffic control systems using the netfilter infrastructure. In the last year she designed and developed the security architecture for SafelyFiled, a cloud-based virtual safe deposit box.

Susan earned a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in 1995 studying communication optimization techniques for parallel systems. After graduation, she joined Global Internet Software Group and was one of the architects of Centri Firewall. At Cisco systems until 2005, she led efforts in policy-based security management with the Cisco Security Policy Manager and Firewall Management Center.